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Employee of the month for October 2021 We present to you the employee of the month for October for Location Empress, Marc-Olivier Aubin. Working in rental and sales for almost two years, Marc-Olivier has distinguished himself by his availability, his involvement, and his positivity despite the hardships. It is always pleasant to work alongside him. Congratulation!
Employee of the month for September 2021 For September 2021, Hino Montreal / Location Empress is pleased to present its employee of the month, Jean Pelletier, a mechanic who has worked with us since 2003. Without revealing his age, he is our most experienced colleague and does not hesitate to share his experience with the rest of the team. Congratulations Jean !
Employee of the month for August 2021 We present to you our employee who stood out during August. Louis Booth stepped out and showed unparalleled collaboration to his colleagues in the service and parts department, Thank you for your involvement and versatility !
Employee of the month for July 2021 We are pleased to present you the Employee of the Month award for July 2021, Pepa Yordanova. Pepa has been an accounts payable clerk for several years, she always stands out with her smile, her determination, her efficiency, her attention to detail, not to mention her unparalleled professionalism. We are glad that she is part of our team. Congratulations Pepa, and thank you for your excellent work.
Employee of the month for June 2021 We are pleased to present Carlos Medrano, the employee of the month for June 2021. For several years now, Carlos has been a very important person with us being responsible for the yard as well as the aesthetics of the vehicles. Always on duty, available, and professional with his contagious smile, whatever the weather conditions are. Congratulations and a big thank you to Carlos for his precious collaboration at the time.
Employee of the month for May 2021 As part of our first “Employee of the Month” activity, let us introduce you to our recipient for this month at Location Empress / Hino Montreal, Carl Parent! Certified Mechanic ''Elite Master Tech'' by Hino Motors Canada, he has been part of the team for 19 years. His diligence, professionalism, and concern for a well-done job make him our strength in the workshop, the reference for his colleagues, and our choice to receive the employee of the month at Hino Montreal / Location Empress!
Long term truck rental Location de camions EMPRESS offers a varied vehicle rental service, new, commendable in the long term. This option ensures that you always have vehicles in working order and lets you focus on your deliveries. No more worries about managing a fleet, maintenance, repairs or finding replacement trucks in case of a breakdown. This all-inclusive package helps you arrive on time, every time!Do not hesitate to call us on (514) 483 4242 for more information.
Happy Holidays ! Location de camions EMPRESS wish you a happy holiday season!
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